SCCR Team & History

Stroud Coronavirus Community Response (SCCR) formed in March 2020 to respond quickly and effectively to the pandemic and its impacts, in service of the people of Stroud District.

The group is an evolving collaboration of volunteers in Stroud District. On this page we will keep a history of the group. We continue to welcome people who would like to get involved – please email: or contact us via Facebook.

Nadin Hadi had recently moved to Stroud and in early March realised a group would be needed to coordinate community action and support mutual aid.

Through callouts on Facebook a group was brought together, and the SCCR Facebook group was launched publicly on the 13th March.

Members of the group

Nadin Hadi is a writer, storyteller, and film producer. At the start of 2020, she moved to Stroud from London. She landed in a new town in a new flat, knowing nearly no-one, and straight into lockdown. Having met a pandemic flu expert in February, she had a sense of what was coming and started the Stroud Community Coronavirus Response to support the local community. She led the early vision of the Group, creating the structure and collating much of the early content in the Facebook group and on this website. After an enormous contribution to the group structure and focus as well as setting up, Nadin stepped back in the summer of 2020.

James Beecher is Research Manager for Citizens Online – a digital skills and inclusion charity. James had been one of the volunteer directors of Transition Stroud and has long-term interests in community response to crisis, mutual aid, and how people use the internet. As an experienced data researcher, he has focused on producing weekly statistical summaries on the local, national, and international situation. He also helps to moderate the Facebook group, with a particular focus on authoritative answers to people’s queries, and in countering misinformation.

Nick Turner has been working in Communications and Education for over 20 years, teaching Academic and Business English while also developing websites and online educational resources. He has spent the last 5 years working on engaging global youth around climate change and environmental issues with partners such as the UN and World Bank. He is now the co-ordinator of Transition Stroud and one of the founders of Landwise Network.  Nick set up and developed the initial web site for the SCCR group:

Sarah Dixon is a digital communications consultant and socially-engaged artist, a biologist (BSc Hons 2(i) UCL 1998) and coach (Relational Dynamics 1st 2019).  From her design studio she supports non-profits and SMEs in branding, online communication strategies and digital marketing. Sarah designed the SCCR logo and makes graphics and posters as well as contributing to FB group moderation. 

Natasha Wilson has been in practice as a psychotherapist for seven years, having previously been a university lecturer and business consultant. She holds a Masters and PhD, attended Cambridge University and Imperial College London. She is also a mum to three boys at local schools, loves painting and being creative. She was one of the founding team of SCCR and was one of the background researchers for the daily/weekly updates and mental (ill) health posts.

Sue Flook is passionate about people having access to good-quality, accessible information so that difficult issues can be understood. A former journalist and communications manager, she is now a self-employed copy editor and also works part-time at libraries around the county. Sue joined SCCR in June 2020 as a Facebook group moderator and, among other tasks, provides regular updates about government announcements and the locations of local testing sites.

Rachel Sleigh has been running the Berkeley and Surrounding Area Covid-19 Community Support Group since the start of the pandemic. She joined the SCCR admin team in September to help make stronger links in the District and to support moderation.

Francis Barton is a father of two, living in central Stroud. He joined SCCR near the start, wanting to help neighbourhood networks get coordinated and share accurate information about the virus and how to stop its spread. Fran works as a data analyst for Citizens Online, and loves making maps.