Private Tests

As we receive a lot of enquiries about local places offering private tests for Covid-19, we’ve compiled a directory of services.

Nose and throat swabs (PCR tests)

Some branches of Boots offer nose and throat swab PCR tests. Results are returned within 48 hours and the cost is £120. You need to register with their website first, which includes entering your passport number, uploading a scan of your passport and providing payment details before being told which branches have appointments – we understand that the closest to Stroud is Bristol:

Home-testing PCR kits

Lloyds, £119:

Well sells home-testing kits (tests are also available at some of their pharmacies in Wales), both cost £120. Results received within 48 hours of the test arriving at the laboratory:

Dante Labs, £58, results within 24 hours of the lab receiving your test:…/products/covid-19-virus-test

Rapid tests (lateral flow tests/antigen tests)

Racoo’s clinic in Swindon provides rapid tests as well as home-testing kits:

Other providers

The following companies have been mentioned to us, but as far as we can see at this stage are only offering tests to a restricted number of people.

Bupa: currently only provides antibody tests for individuals (£65), but current infection tests are available for organisations:

Screen4, Kemble

Your feedback

Any feedback would be useful so we can pass it on to others who have the same question. Please email