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This template for gardening businesses, that can be adapted for any trades that visit houses or institutions, is based on a message shared with us by Osh at OG Organic Gardens.


As you may be aware, many companies are changing their policies to protect themselves and customers from the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Safeguarding our health and yours is of utmost importance to us and so we are attempting to maintain services only where adequately safe.

Our current policy is to carry out work only in an environment where no face to face contact is required. When we carry out work for you, please do not invite any of us in and do not approach us for an in-person conversation or attempt to shake hands or offer drinks. Text or email any instructions you may have for us in advance. If you have something to say immediately, call me or your gardener on the phone from inside. Always keep a safe distance.

It’s easy for us as tradespeople to give in to social pressures but we state these policies to keep everyone safe. If we work together on staying apart then we drastically decrease the risk of transmission.

Regardless of whether you are self-isolating or not, we will respect your wishes regarding cancellation or rescheduling of appointments. Equally, we will be especially vigilant to respond to any emergencies such as fallen or dangerous trees and blocked driveways to support you and any measures you are taking.

If you are self-isolating on the advice of NHS guidance, please inform us immediately.

If you have an appointment with us which requires meeting face to face, please let’s conduct it by phonecall, email or text.

This may feel strange to some, and to us it is strange to attempt our best work without connecting face-to-face with you; however we acknowledge that though we don’t know how long this will be necessary for (or in fact if more drastic measures will need to be taken) this is temporary.

Stay safe,

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