What does a contact tracer do?

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What does a contact tracer do?

Blogpost from Public Health England:

  • “It’s vital that anyone who experiences coronavirus symptoms orders a coronavirus test immediately at or calls 119 and, if they do test positive, they respond as soon as possible to texts/emails from NHS Test and Trace. This will make sure we can get appropriate advice to those who need it, ultimately protecting our friends and family from infection.”
  • “Contact tracing is at the heart of preventing the onward spread of infection from someone who has a particular infectious disease… We provide interventions and advice to allow people to detect their infection early, or to isolate so that they’re not at risk to other people.”
  • “With COVID-19 you need to know the close recent contacts of anyone who has coronavirus, so this could include someone in a workplace, a pub, anywhere that you spend a considerable length of time in close proximity to others.”

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