Understanding Viral Load – reduce contact to reduce severity

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IMPORTANT UPDATE:VIRAL LOAD – another reason to stay at home, reduce trips out to the minimum and practice distancing: to minimise exposure(you may have already seen the below. We wanted to post with links to verifiable sources of information backing up the argument made in the post)Introductory piece: “What is ‘viral load’? And why does it matter for COVID-19?” (Sky News): information: “Does a high viral load or infectious dose make covid-19 worse?” (New Scientist)

  • “Although it is difficult to draw firm conclusions at this stage, such studies “may impact our assumptions about whether a high number of viral particles predisposes to a more serious disease”
  • “Even if the infectious dose isn’t related to disease severity, it still pays to try and minimise our exposure to the virus because this will reduce our chances of falling ill in the first place.”

Academic article: “Viral dynamics in mild and severe cases of COVID-19” (The Lancet)

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