Take caution when contacted by apparent “contact tracers”

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Be cautious around calls from people claiming to be contact tracers. Clearly participation in contract tracing is essential to reduce the spread of the virus, but scams are already operating – be careful in disclosing any personal information.


  • “British people will soon begin receiving random phone calls from so-called “contact tracers” warning them about having been in close proximity with potential coronavirus carriers. One of many problems with this scheme is it’s dangerously easy to pose as a government contact tracer.”
  • “As detailed by the NHS, contact tracers will phone up and text people who report coronavirus symptoms to the government and demand lots of personally identifiable information – including information on other people.”
  • “What safeguards are in place? Er, not many. They’ll call from a published phone number – 0300 013 5000 – and, bizarrely given the context, promises its hired call centre won’t “disclose any of your personal or medical information to your contacts”.
  • “Such a scheme bears all the hallmarks of cold-calling scammers, and indeed has already been used for that exact purpose. More to the point: publishing a phone number really doesn’t guarantee that the caller is who they claim to be.”
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