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Uplands Neighbourhood Response Group

This group has been set up to coordinate smaller neighbourhood networks offering support and help to one another during the Coronavirus crisis. We are small groups of local residents with various skills/experience who have come together to help our neighbours and local community. We do not have all the answers and we are not a professional organisation, but we have a lot of collective energy and desire to help!

Members are encouraged to find or set up Neighbour Networks for their individual streets and to use them to co-ordinate action at the very local level. Most groups are using WhatsApp to organise but whatever works best for you. If you already have a local network with your neighbours then use that.

You can tell us what street you are on and we can direct you to your nearest Neighbour Network, where you can help us to support our community.

Our main WhatsApp group is at:

Current Networks

The group currently has the following neighbourhood networks:

Grange View

The Circle and Grove Park Road

The Square and Wickridge Close

Thompson Road

More are needed to make task easier so please set up your own with your neighbours and update on the main WhatsApp group (

This is a map showing all the streets that are currently covered by Neighbour Networks. Areas in red have not yet received a leaflet.

Here are some versions of leaflets that neighbourhoods have been distributing:

Current group Co-ordinator: Megan Sheer. I will liaise with teams and neighbourhood networks.

Group Members should work to respond to questions in their small neighbourhood networks as they arrive, and help in any way we can. Phone calls, texts and tasks should be logged either in a notebook or in a digital form such as the simple Word doc below (please note: do not share personal information on social media or without prior permission of the owner)

Neighbourhood Contact Sheet


It is very important that you do not identify any person who is currently (or who may become) vulnerable in any public spaces – especially on Facebook and in the main  WhatsApp Group. Any lists of data (names, phone numbers etc) should be kept (with the giver’s permission) within the small, very local neighbourhood group only.

If you have a DBS certificate, please inform Megan Sheer ( or tell us on the main WhatsApp group.

Personal Health and Wellbeing

It is essential that all volunteers assess their personal risk and health on a daily basis. Please: if you have any doubts about your health, notify your co-ordinator and stand down. There are other volunteering tasks that can be done from home without putting you or anyone else at risk.

Please don’t share medical information on social media, other than the main NHS and resources, or you can direct people to the Stroud Corona Response Facebook page or this website Neighbour Networks. There is a lot of misinformation and it is impossible for neighbourhood coordinators to fact check and moderate.

Good hygiene is essential and we recommend reading the following resources ahead of any volunteering activities.

Good hygiene is essential and we recommend reading the following resources ahead of any volunteering activities.

Hygiene guidelines
Practical steps for Support Work


If you have skills or resources (medical, technical, cleaning, catering, driving, social caring, or if you are just good at organising) that you feel can help, please contact Megan (

Many thanks,

Megan Sheer (current co-ordinator)

If you require assistance or know someone that does you can also email

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