Snopes: That info isn’t from John Hopkins Uni-check their website

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Note: This article is from March 2020

“In late March 2020, a letter supposedly published by Johns Hopkins University containing an “excellent summary” of advice on how to avoid catching COVID-19 was widely circulated via email and on social media” (mentioning – as well as soap – heat, alcohol, UV light, listerine)

“This is not something produced by Johns Hopkins Medicine (JHM). We have seen rumors and misinformation about COVID-19 citing our experts and circulating on social media, and we have received several inquiries from the general public about these posts. We do not know their origin, and they lack credibility.””The spokesperson also noted that people seeking verified information from Johns Hopkins University should check the university’s COVID-19 Resource Center.” ( you’re looking for reliable COVID-19 information from Johns Hopkins University, please check the university’s website.

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