National Education Union’s proposed tests for school reopening

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The National Education Union has described Five Tests it thinks need to be met before moving to further opening of schools.

They say:

“Teachers, parents and education staff have responded with the utmost seriousness and professionalism to this crisis. They need to be confident that public health is the first priority in all considerations concerning how we work together to combat this terrible virus.
If confidence and clarity are lacking, there is a risk of chaos and greater spread of the virus. The National Education Union (NEU) has previously written to the Government asking for clarity on the best science concerning these public health matters.

The Government has its five tests before relaxing the lockdown. Today, we outline our five tests that we think the Government should meet before moving to further opening of schools in order to create the necessary confidence amongst parents and staff.”

Read their full statement, including the #FiveTests at:

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