National Coronavirus Support Group for Workers

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The Workforce Coronavirus Support Group is a Facebook group for “workers concerned about how their employer and/or Government is dealing with COVID-19”

Set up on March 14th 2020, it has over 10,000+ members, and around 1,000 posts each day. The “membership covers numerous sectors and locations, and is still growing every minute. Members have come together as a community to share their current challenges and to share advice, support and resources. The growing Coronavirus crisis is causing workers to lose work, income and safety and is the biggest threat to our livelihoods in a generation.”

We are posting about the on International Workers Memorial Day, when the group has encouraged people to support 3 demands: #PPEnow, #ShutTheSites, and #PayEveryWorker

REQUEST Do we have members who would be interested in and/or could set up a similar group locally? We could provide some support with this but would like it to be something a different set of admins and moderators could manage independently.

There is also an associated page for updates:

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