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  • Webworks in Stroud say: “We will be operating a closed door policy in our shop… We will be closed for browsing and for all purposes not contributing to the above exceptions. If you are in need of a repair or replacement, please call our shop on 01453 758 934 to discuss the best way of us assisting you. This may be through a call out, collect and return, or appointment. Please do not just turn up at our shop as you are likely to be denied entry.” (
  • Nailsworth Computers say “The Shop is Closed after Government Guidelines. We can do local laptpop deliveries or repairs via remove access. Call us to find our more 01453 832151, 10am-4pm Mon-Fri” (
  • Glos PC Repair – based in Uplands – “offer remote support where we can connect securely to your computer, diagnose and fix many problems without the need for a visit. We can also help with setting up new programs, as well as assist with your smartphone or tablet” (
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