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We’ll try to keep track of local business offers here – other than those around food which are collated here: Food offers are on a different page,

John Kerry and Sons appliances

  • “all the staff at John Kerry and Sons are doing everything they can to stop the spread of this virus… It will only be me that delivers your appliances and you can rest assured I will hand sanitize before entering your property.
    If you are self isolating we can arrange a door step delivery.”

Payment Sense Loan OFFER:

  • Simeon Maurice says: “This isn’t a sales pitch rather something for people to consider if it applies…. Due to the recent coronovirus outbreak the company I work for, Payment sense who are one of the biggest chip and pin providers, are offering emergency business funding to help businesses get through what’s going to be a tough time. They are offering to loan what your last two months card turnover was combined and pay it back monthly as a percentage out of your future card turnover with little interest. For example £30000 card turnover last two months = £30000 loan. The rates aren’t confirmed yet as this has literally just been put together but I know it will be low repayments. Please share if you think anyone you know can do with this. My number is 08082 849 891. Call or message to register any interest. In the meantime I should receive further information. I think this could be a huge help for small businesses in this time of uncertainty – it could literally save them from going under.”

See all government advice for small businesses:

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