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Those of us who are more at risk should be staying at home, and everyone else should be reducing trips out to only essential trips.To help with this, yesterday we added a list of local businesses supplying food and other groceeries through home deliveries, to our website ( and group.

We have also collated information about supermarket offers – click “see more” for the full text post with the best details we have around national supermarket arrangements restricting opening hours and purchasing.

PLEASE NOTE – hours for elderly and vulnerable are a last resort – people in these groups SHOULD STAY HOME. We can help to organise volunteers to do shopping for others (please get in touch with us about this so we can brief you on guidelines for hygiene, money, etc).We will update this post as and when we can with local information:


  • All stores closing at 10pm for restocking. Some larger stores with pharmacies will stay open later. Temporary closure of all fresh food counters except bakeries.
  • Maximum of three of each item. Multi-buy promotions axed
  • Priority hour on Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning from 9am-10am (apart from Express stores) for the elderly and vulnerable.
  • Sunday browsing hour for NHS workers
  • Online customers are asked to go to physical stores to free delivery slots for the elderly and vulnerable.
  • Floor marking in stores to facilitate social distancing. Employees who are over 70, vulnerable or pregnant will not be expected to work for 12 weeks and will be fully paid over that time. Workers self-isolating paid in full.


  • All cafes and meat, fish and pizza counters closed.
  • Maximum of three of any grocery product, maximum of two of most popular products, including toilet roll, soap and UHT milk.
  • First hour after opening set aside for elderly and vulnerable customers. Priority access to online delivery slots for customers aged over 70 or disabled from Monday 26 March. “Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, all our supermarkets will dedicate 8am – 9am to serving elderly, disabled and vulnerable customers, as well as NHS and Social Care workers. They will just need to show us their pass or ID when they visit.” (
  • Expanding click and collect service, increasing number of collection sites across the country, including car park collection points.


  • First hour of trading is for elderly and otherwise more at risk


  • Dedicated shopping hour for those of us at more risk and those of us supporting them. Times vary by store


  • Temporary closure of 24-hour stores between 12am and 6am.
  • Maximum of three of any product.
  • From opening until 9am is priority time for the elderly and vulnerable.
  • Asking customers to consider less popular delivery times.


  • Shorter hours, closing at 8pm each day.
  • Shoppers only allowed to purchase four of each product.
  • Installing clear screens at all UK checkouts.


  • Yet to introduce any item restrictions, but has asked customers to be considerate. Some variation by store


  • Some early closures for restocking. All cafes and coffee machines suspended.
  • Maximum three of each grocery item (excl fresh fruit/veg and some alcohol) and maximum two packs of toilet roll.
  • Priority first hour for elderly, vulnerable and their carers. Working on special deliveries for vulnerable customers.
  • Six hundred John Lewis employees sent to help at Waitrose branches. Employees get free meals at work.


  • Shorter opening hours and closing at 8pm.
  • Limits on toilet roll, cleaning products and some health and beauty items.
  • Making more delivery slots available for vulnerable customers
  • Immediate payments for smaller suppliers. Five hundred head office workers working in distribution centres and stores. A call centre for people who cannot shop online to order by phone.


  • Closure of all cafes.
  • Maximum two items per customer of frozen food, home products, groceries and eggs.
  • First hour of trading reserved for older and vulnerable customers.
  • Special shopping hour for NHS and emergency service workers during first hour of trade each Tuesday and Friday morning. 4,600 employees from clothing, home and cafe teams drafted in to help at food stores. Working with suppliers to increase production of British food products.


  • Initially launched an online queueing system to enter the website. Access to suspended due to delivery slots being fully booked and site at full capacity.
  • After the suspension, Ocado says it will prioritise vulnerable and elderly customers.

(largely taken from and the national Covid-19 Mutual Aid admins group)

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