How do I create a safe environment for my family?

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How do I create a safe environment for my family?
Below are some sections from the website linked that may offer helpful guidelines if you want to create a safer environment 

  1. Reduce contact between the family and others, and provide for essential needs, and as the risk increases
  2. Create a safe space that protects those who are in it by shared agreement not to be in unprotected physical contact with others or with surfaces that are touched by others.

The safe space also curbs contagion because those in the safe space don’t participate in disease transmission. Members of one safe space can combine with others to carefully expand the safe space or create new ones. Below are our guidelines for families.


  • Carefully read our guidelines for individuals and share it with family members. Discuss with them how to reduce their contact with others.
  • Shift family gatherings to be virtual. The current outbreak will either be defeated or will become widespread. In the former, a few months from now will return to normal. In the latter, different actions will be needed.
  • Ensure that you and members of your family have necessary supplies, including prescription medicines. Consider vulnerable members of the family including elderly, but also anybody over 50, and those with chronic health conditions, as to the risk of contact with others. Reduce their contact, provide support that enables them to stay at home and not go into public spaces.
  • Consider temporarily moving individuals who are in collective housing (retirement communities, assisted living facilities, etc.) to more isolated accommodations, including private homes, or small group facilities.
  • Where it is not possible to reduce contacts, talk with those who are responsible for collective facilities to increase the level of precautions against transmission.
  • Avoid public gatherings and places including events and restaurants, especially those in confined spaces.

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