Giving Blood – essential to the NHS, donations still open

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NHS Blood and Transplant say: “Giving blood and platelets is essential to the NHS and vulnerable patients. Please keep donating.”There is a session to give blood at Nailsworth Town Hall on Thursday 9th April 11.30am-8pm. “Give Blood to help keep the NHS supplied during the Covid19 crisis.The NHS Blood and Transplant Give Blood website states:

  • “Our centres are open and you can still come to give blood. We have followed government guidelines to put special safety measures in place for social distancing.”
  • “Some things may have changed, but there will be the same warm welcome. Find out what has changed.”
  • “Please keep your appointment if you can, or make a new one for the future. Coming to give blood is considered essential travel for the NHS.”
  • “You will not get a coronavirus test by coming to give blood because there is no evidence of transmission through blood donation.”
  • “If you have checked our coronavirus advice and are able to donate, there is no reason to postpone.”

Find our more – including details of who can donate, and where, at:’re asking blood donors to keep donating as normal unless you have travelled to a coronavirus risk area, been in contact with or been infected by the virus. Please read the latest advice before attending.

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