Demands from NHS staff to help us tackle Coronavirus

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There are a number of demands being made by NHS staff or organisations representing them and their interests. This post currently contains 3 examples:

“We WANT to stay in work. We are YOUR National Health Service. We are proud to serve but we need some common sense here… I am petitioning for prioritisation of testing for NHS staff… so that those who need to stay away do so, with a clear conscience, and those who can work can do so, with a clear conscience.”

  • 2. EveryDoctor “is co-ordinating a mass statement from UK doctors to Chief Executive of the NHS Sir Simon Stevens.” They say “As the coronavirus crisis intensifies, UK doctors must be given the means to protect ourselves and our patients, particularly those most vulnerable. What’s certain is that with 100,000 job vacancies already, the NHS will not survive this crisis without protecting its staff and providing doctors with the support and resources we need to safeguard the health of our patients.” If you are a doctor, sign at:
  1. COVID-19 testing and personal protective equipment (PPE) must be available for all NHS and social care staff now
  2. Those relying on social care (or ‘Direct Payments’) must be given immediate support if carers go sick
  3. NHS support staff (including those outsourced) must receive at least living wage, paid sick leave for illness or self-isolation and an increase in statutory sick pay
  4. Bring private health resources into public service without compensation to fight COVID-19 and aid NHS response
  5. Make all information that the Government is basing its strategy on wholly available for public scrutiny
  6. An immediate end to legislation enforcing eligibility checks and charging in the NHS, including those related to residency status or national origin, allowing all patients to use the NHS without fear” (see a video on these demands at:
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