Crowdfunder for welfare and support for critical care teams in Glos

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[at time of posting this has exceeded the £5,000 target already – raising £5,833 in just 29 hours! However – you can still make donations and leave supportive messages via the site, please read on]

“Caring in these situations involves long periods in protective equipment. Everyday this NHS critical care team turns up to give much needed care for our loved ones in Gloucestershire. It is an anxious and difficult time for us all. Despite this this team carries on with sensitivity, good humour and compassion.

The “Clap for the NHS” brought many staff to tears, staff who love what they do and feel privileged to deliver the best care to patients.

We know we will be working in these conditions for many months. I would like to give something back to those staff on behalf of the people they serve. The nature of the work mean teams only get short breaks and staying hydrated and healthy is key. I would like to raise some money to buy drinks, fruit, snacks, ready meals, shower gel, hand cream, maybe a radio so they can listen to music etc to enhance their well being and help them stay strong so they can help so many others….

… and if there is any money left over I would like to throw them all a big party at the end to say thank you…..!

I would also encourage people to share any messages of support at this difficult time, your kind words and sentiment really do make a difference and keep this army marching!”…/gloucestershirecriticalcare

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