The content on this website has been created through contributions from community members to the Stroud Community Coronavirus Response Facebook group at facebook.com/groups/stroudcorona.

Stroud Community Coronavirus Response is about

We cover the Stroud area and surrounding towns and villages.

This includes Cam, Dursley, Nailsworth, Stonehouse, and Wotton-under-Edge. This site is a platform for other groups that exist in these areas, seeking to signpost and help co-ordinate. 

We are community members coming together to support each other and help those of us who are more at risk or are in need of support.

None of us are paid. When we talk about support, we mean a wide-range of possible needs, specific to the changing circumstances arising. Support could include practical things like getting supplies such as groceries and medicines, local business survival, and our emotional and mental health. At a time of physical distancing, we are offering a way to maintain and develop social connections.

We are not an official organisation and will not be offering medical advice.

We will share recommendations from bodies such as the World Health Organisation and NHS. When appropriate we also signpost to local government and other organisations offering support.

We are not affiliated to any political or religious groups.

Though we are united by a belief that social inclusion – involving everyone – increases individual and community resilience.

We encourage you to get involved.

Please join our Facebook group. This is a place to post requests and offers of help and take part in discussions.

We also have a Facebook page and twitter account where we share the latest local and key national updates – from us and other organisations.

There are now thousands of local groups across the country. Wherever you are in the UK, you can find your local group via the Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK website.

If you have any concerns or complaints regarding our processes or activities please email stroudcommunitycoronaresponse@gmail.com and we will respond.