Thursday 16th April 2020


  • Major Milestones and announcements
  • Updates, Requests and Offers from the Stroud Coronavirus Community Response team and local community
  • Items from local news outlets
  • Key national and global points


  • The spread of coronavirus in Gloucestershire appears to be worse that anywhere else in the south-west region, with 737 confirmed cases (compared to 396 in South Gloucestershire, the next highest), and 113 deaths. (These figures are not adjusted for total population size, however.)
  • The lockdown restrictions in the UK will be extended for a further 3 weeks until 7 May at least, and probably into June, the acting prime minister Dominic Raab announced
  • The number of cases in Europe is nearing a million.


  • The Leader of Stroud District Council, Doina Cornell, and public health expert Professor David McCall chaired a Zoom call with Stroud district residents to answer questions about Stroud and the coronavirus.
  • Amplify Stroud shared their post analysing the recent political discussions about the provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to medical and care staff in the UK.
  • Paul Eagles shared a post from Stroud District Council asking people to be a good neighbour and refrain from making bonfires during this time when many people are suffering with breathing difficulties
  • Kathryn Danks shared that Stroud Choral Youth Choir were set a challenge to learn the song ‘I’ll be there’ with lyrics adapted for them during lockdown. Around half of the members took part and sent in their recordings.
  • The Stroud Town Clerk shared that the Alzheimer’s Society is providing up-to-date support for anyone affected by dementia. During the outbreak, their Dementia Connect support line will remain open every day. If you or anyone you know needs advice or support, please call the Alzheimer’s Society on 0333 150 3456 or visit


  • Gloucestershire now has 737 confirmed cases of Coronavirus Gloucestershire Live
    • It is important to say that these are confirmed cases only, and that since testing has been suspended for all cases but those needing hospitalisation, we do not have an accurate number for the actual number of cases in the community.
  • Children are invited to contribute hand prints for Nailsworth pharmacy rainbow window SNJ


  • The number of deaths in the UK – of those hospitalised and who have tested positive for coronavirus – has now reached 13,729. This is an increase of 861 from yesterday. (BBC figures, Department of Health and Social Care tweet)).
  • UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab says the country’s lockdown will continue for at least three more weeks. “Now is not the moment to give the coronavirus a second chance,” he said (BBC)
  • The UK government says it now has the capacity to carry out 35,000 coronavirus tests a day. The Health Secretary set a target of reaching 100,000 tests a day by the end of the month but halfway through April, the actual number being carried out was just over 15,500 a day. Dr Chaand Nagpaul, the council chair at the BMA, said: “People need to know where and how they can be tested. The government must also ensure that it is accessible to all, including those in remote areas, those without cars and people with mobility issues. The government and NHS England must put greater effort into communicating how healthcare workers can take up this offer, so that dedicated staff can get back to work and save lives.”
  • Professor Chris Whitty, the government’s chief medical officer, stressed the “NHS is open for business”. It is clear he is concerned people facing a medical emergency such as a heart attack, stroke or a flare-up of asthma are staying out of hospital during the crisis. Visits to A&E have nearly halved since the outbreak BBC report.
  • The rate of infection in the community, known as “R”, is now likely to be below 1 (meaning on average each infected person passes the virus to fewer than one other person) – but it may be higher within certain settings such as care homes.
  • The government is conducting a review of whether people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds are disproportionately affected by coronavirus, but it is not yet certain that this is the case (though more than a third of patients critically ill in hospital with the virus are from these backgrounds, research suggests).


  • The Japanese government has declared a nationwide state of emergency until 6 May, while the IMF has warned that the economic impact of the coronavirus on Asia will be “severe, across the board, and unprecedented.” Economies in Asia will see zero growth this year for the first time in 60 years, and it warned that the global economy will face the “worst recession since the Great Depression” (BBC report).
  • Brazil’s health minister Luiz Mandetta has been sacked after a period of disagreement with president Bolsonaro over the country’s coronavirus response.
  • Ursula von der Leyen, the European Commission president, has said that Italy is owed an apology for a slow response from other European nations. “Too many were not there on time when Italy needed a helping hand at the very beginning… It is right that Europe as a whole offers a heartfelt apology.”


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