Monday 6th April 2020

Today’s update includes

  • Updates, Requests and Offers from the Stroud Coronavirus Community Response team and beyond
  • Summary of local news
  • Key national/international points

Updates from the Stroud Coronavirus Community Response team and beyond

Local updates




  • Worldwide cases pass 1.3m, at least 73,000 people have died and 275,000 recovered 
  • There are over 350,000 cases in the US 
  • Germany is the fourth country to have over 100,000 confirmed cases (101,558), after Italy (132,547), Spain (135,032) and the US (352,546, all above from Johns Hopkins University tracker)
  • Secretary-General of the UN, António Guterres, tweeted about domestic violence: “Peace is not just the absence of war. Many women under lockdown for #COVID19 face violence where they should be safest: in their own homes. Today I appeal for peace in homes around the world. I urge all governments to put women’s safety first as they respond to the pandemic.” [we have resources about local and national support for survivors of domestic and sexual violence collated in a facebook post]
  • Austria: “became the first EU country to publicly announce plans to lift its restrictions. “The aim is that from April 14 … smaller shops up to 400 square metres, as well as hardware and garden stores, can open again, under strict security conditions,” the chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, said”
  • Denmark: “announced plans to start reopening nurseries and primary schools from 15 April if the number of Covid-19 deaths and new cases remain stable.”
  • Germany: “reported its its fourth consecutive daily drop in cases”
  • Spain: “reported a fourth consecutive fall in its daily death tally as well as falls in hospital admissions and critical care cases… the government announced on Monday that it is planning to widen coronavirus testing to include people without symptoms, as a first step towards slowly easing the lockdown”
  • Norway: “said it considered its outbreak “under control” but cautioned it was too early to say if restrictions could be lifted.”
  • South Africa’s president, Cyril Ramaphosa, “called for unity and a massive aid effort”, as 51 African countries reported 9,198 cases of Covid-19 and 414 deaths. 
  • Iran: appears to have started a “gradual” decline in infections, the government said.
  • Indonesia: “recorded its biggest daily jump in cases, with 218 confirmed on Monday”
  • Russia: “recorded its biggest daily jump with 954 new cases of the disease.”
  • Japan: “announced a record 148 new cases on Sunday” (all above from The Guardian European/Global summary)

Please remember we have a (growing) list of resources to support your emotional and mental health during this time on our website.

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