Saturday, 28th March, 2020

This update includes:

  • Information about changes we’ve made to our group and website
  • A call out for help
  • Summary of local news
  • Key national/international points

Team updates:

Call out from the Team

We would really like anyone involved in a facebook group or neighbourhood/street/road network to help us map which streets have networks. As well as our map of groups, we have a “master map” showing streets which have been leafletted, but this is focused on Stroud town centre, Cashes Green, Brimscombe and around Chalford at present. Download our pdf guide to mapping streets in your area.

Local updates:

It is important to say that these are confirmed cases only, and that since testing has been suspended for all cases but those needing hospitalisation, we do not have an accurate number for the actual number of cases in the community.



  • Over 25,000 people have now died after testing positive for Covid-19 (26,494 – and increase of 3,159 since yesterday)
  • There are 571,678 confirmed cases globally (an increase of 62,514 since yesterday) 
  • (above points from the World Health Organisation (WHO) daily Situation Report)
  • The WHO’s Director-General’s spoke at a media briefing saying, amongst other things
    • “WHO has shipped almost 2 million individual items of protective gear to 74 countries that need it most, and we’re preparing to send a similar amount to a further 60 countries. But much more is needed. This problem can only be solved with international cooperation and international solidarity. When health workers are at risk, we’re all at risk.”
    • The WHO’s Director-General also said: “More than 1 million health workers have been trained through our courses on We will continue to train more.”
    • “We’re also delighted to report that the COVID-19 Solidarity Fund has now received donations of more than US$ 108 million in just two weeks, from 203,000 individuals and organizations. Thank you to each and every one of you.”
    • “The English version of [the WHO] WhatsApp Health Alert now has more than 12 million users globally, and the Arabic, French and Spanish versions were launched today. More languages will be added, including Bangla, Chinese, Hindi, Kurdish, Portuguese, Russian, Somali, Urdu, Swahili and more”
  • Italy: Over 10,000 people have now died after testing positive for Covid-19 (10,023). And there are now 92,472 cases in Italy (Guardian report).
  • Spain: Over 5,000 people have now died after testing positive for Covid-19 (5,690), and there are now 72,248 cases in Spain (Guardian report). The head of Spain’s centre for health emergencies, said “we’re getting close to the peak of the curve that we’re studying so anxiously…” but added that “Spain’s overstretched intensive care units (ICUs)… were predicted to pass beyond full capacity in less than a week’s time” 
  • France: Over 2,000 people have now died after testing positive for Covid-19 (2,314 – Guardian report)
  • China: “Wuhan, [the city] where the virus first emerged, has partially reopened after more than two months in isolation” (today’s BBC Live blog)

Please remember we have a (growing) list of resources to support your emotional and mental health during this time on our website.